The Food Exchange: Raspberry and Thyme Custard Tart

Winter has definitely gone now and although the weather could be better, Lucy and I decided that it is time for light and fruity tarts this month.

For people that don’t know our Food Exchange yet have a look here for the other recipes. Every month I provide Lucy from with a German recipe, and she suggests a English recipe for me to bake – and once the delicious bakes have been made we write about it on our blogs.

This months bake for me was a Raspberry and Thyme Tart from Delicious Magazine that really tastes of summer!


The recipe Lucy suggested is from here:

I needed two attempts for the pastry and it taught me again that reading a recipe properly really helps. At my first attempt I used 3 eggs instead of 3 egg yolks – you can imagine how the pastry looked. It was definitely worth making the pastry again (and it is super quick and easy to make anyway).
Normally I like to improvise with recipes but this one (after the first difficulties :)) I followed to the letter – and it was worth it.

As I don’t have a proper tart form where you can remove the tart easily after baking I used two smaller sandwich tins for the same amount of ingredients. One of the tarts we had the same day as a dessert after a barbecue. The second I wanted to take to the in-laws the next day – in the end I was successfully convinced to keep half of the second cake so that we could eat it ourselves 🙂

If thyme now sounds a weird ingredient for a custard tart – let me tell you, it isn’t. It is sooo tasty and even convinced slightly “fussy” people that first thought it didn’t sound right 😉

Thank you Lucy, as always I loved the challenge! I’m looking forward to your blogpost!



3 Comments Add yours

    1. madebygreta says:

      Thank you so much, Rebecca! 🙂


  1. Pinnatifid says:

    Looks delicious! And beautiful photography!


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