Viva Argentina! or: lets make Alfajores

This week’s blog post means a lot to me. When Clara from tastesheriff posted the new ‘ichbacksmir’-topic wanderlust I literally needed a few seconds to know what I could bake for this topic.
Wanderlust hits me when I think of Argentina. Four years ago I went there for my year abroad and what started as a very scary adventure turned out as one of the greatest experiences in my life.
My time in Argentina wouldn’t have been the same without alfajores – two biscuits filled with dulce de leche, either coated with chocolate or with desiccated coconut. You can buy them in every bakery or super market in Argentina and now I finally managed to make them myself. Please find the recipe below, they are really worth the effort and tasted like proper Argentinean Alfajores :).OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Continue reading

Pancakes – I’ve loved them all my life

One of the first things I can remember from my childhood is my granny making pancakes for my grandad, my brothers and myself. Thinking back it always was a joy for everyone: For my grandad because he just loves to sit and eat with us (until he gets up and moves to the couch right after the meal :)); for my granny because she loves how much we love to eat her pancakes and of course for us kids – because granny’s pancakes are just the best!
The last couple of years my two brothers and I didn’t often manage to meet at granny’s for pancakes – but if we find a rare occasion when all of us are in town it is a feast!
Our friends know granny’s pancakes and often they would come with us and granny would never complain about the amount of pancakes she had to bake.
So it is no surprise that I absolutely love pancakes and whenever I have the chance I make them – not for lunch but more for brunch mainly when we have visitors.
Pancakes are great as most of the ingredients you will have at home anyway so you can spontaneously decide to make them this Sunday morning :).
You can find the recipe I always use below.


On the hunt for “Mandelhörnchen”

A friend came back from a trip to Berlin recently and told me he got these “German almond things that are dipped in chocolate” from a bakery over there and that they are “probably the nicest thing” he had ever eaten.
I immediately knew what he was talking about but it was ages ago that I had one of these almond things in the shape of a half moon. I remembered they were made out of almonds (yeah, okay, that is obvious :)) and marzipan.
Anyway, I told my parents to look out for them but it wasn’t easy to find them – then a couple of months later my mum proudly presented us “Mandelhörnchen” that she got from a market in Bavaria. She also bought some for our friend to take back to England – but (for some weird reason ;)) they never made it home and were eaten before.
Luckily then our friend had his birthday a couple of weeks later and I finally had a chance to bake them. Dan said it was the best thing I had ever baked – so I can’t wait to share the recipe with you below.


A great picnic with homemade lemonade

I love to do it but weirdly I rarely actually go for a picnic. I can’t recall the last time I went for one. I think it just sounds so good in my head but then it just seems to be too much effort to actually do it. We decided to change this on the last bank holiday weekend and I am so glad we actually made the effort!

On the Saturday I baked some cookies and made some lemonade. On Sunday I made Sandwiches and we packed two big baskets with a blanket, food, drinks and games; picked up our small crowd and off we went to Tatton Park in Greater Manchester.

Today I would like to show you pictures of our picnic and share my recipe for homemade lemonade with you. I went for a very easy and basic recipe but was amazed how nice it tasted – have a look below 🙂


The Food Exchange: Raspberry and Thyme Custard Tart

Winter has definitely gone now and although the weather could be better, Lucy and I decided that it is time for light and fruity tarts this month.

For people that don’t know our Food Exchange yet have a look here for the other recipes. Every month I provide Lucy from with a German recipe, and she suggests a English recipe for me to bake – and once the delicious bakes have been made we write about it on our blogs.

This months bake for me was a Raspberry and Thyme Tart from Delicious Magazine that really tastes of summer!