{Upcycling} – our pallet bar in the garden!

The weather has been really, really good over the last days here in England. This means we could finally spend some time in the garden. We had the first barbecue of the year and I spent the whole Sunday afternoon lying on our pallet sofa, that I already wrote about last year here on the blog.
What I haven’t shown you yet though is our pallet bar so I thought I am going to use those lovely days to show you a few pictures and that you can make a bar like this really easy and on a budget!


I discovered the idea on Pinterest: https://uk.pinterest.com/pin/484770347364310493/

– and somehow the idea stuck to my head over a few months until I could finally make a bar like this myself.

When me moved to our new place and started making the garden look nicer my lovely dad-in-law organised not only old tires which I used to make flower pots, he also organised loads of old pallets. Out of these we decided to make a pallet sofa and a pallet bar out of them.


To make a pallet like this you basically just need 4 different things:
– 2 pallets
– 2 stone tiles that put together have the length of the pallet
– paint + brush
– 4 screws + drill

First of all you paint the pallets according to the instructions on the paint and let it dry. Afterwards you drill the two pallets together and put them in place so that they stand stirdy on their own. Now we put the stone tiles on top – and that’s basically it!
At first I didn’t believe that the bar would be very stable but stood against the wall it is very stirdy. It is obviously a bonus if you can attach the bar to the wall but for us it works very well on its own.

We use our little bar all the time and it hides the ugly black drain pipe – which, tbh, was actually the main purpose to build the bar. 🙂


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  1. Super epic craft Greta, thanks for sharing it ! The things on top also look deliccciiiouuuus ! Congratulations my dear!

    Liked by 1 person

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