The Food Exchange: English Biscuits {Digestives}

Digestive biscuits are very popular here in England – I think every English child and adult know these little treats, whilst I never saw them when I was still living in Germany.
For some reason it has never entered my head before that they can actually be baked at home, rather than buying them in the super market.
When Lucy suggested to bake them for this months Food Exchange I loved the idea as I really like to try out new things.

You can find the recipe I used below – but be aware: these biscuits are very addictive and it is hard to stop eating them because they are really delicious.


Digestives can be made either plain or coated with chocolate. The chocolate ones make a great sweet treat whilst the plain option is great for a cheeseboard with chutney and a few grapes.

For the cheese board I chose a couple of cheeses and bought grapes. I placed the cheese, the digestives, the grapes and the chutney on a wooden board in the middle of the table and everyone helped themselves. Both kinds of digestives turned out to be perfect for a laid back family brunch one Sunday morning :).


Lucy suggested a recipe to me that was posted on the website of the Guardian:

Normally I would write down a recipe here on the blog but the article was so interesting and I found it so cool that the recipe was directly attached to it that I highly recommend just clicking the link and baking a batch of digestives yourself :).

I made twice the amount from the recipe in the article as I was scared there wasn’t enough. With hindsight I can say though that the normal amount is plenty!


I hope you all have a lovely weekend! Mine actually starts today as I have great friends coming over. For a change the weather is amazing as well so I am hoping to have the first barbecue of 2016!

First of all I have to head over to Lucy’s blog to have a look at her bake!
Thanks, Lucy, for the inspiration! I am already excited about our next Food Exchange in June – should anyone have an idea or a wish what we could bake next month, please let us know. We would love to hear from you!


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  1. lucyabakes says:

    They look amazing Greta! I have never actually made them myself but I might do now! I am quite happy because a few of the supermarkets around here have started selling them! The Guardian website do quite a few of these articles where they aim to find “the best” recipe, I always find them really interesting reads! I hope you had a lovely weekend with your friend and thank you for the recipe! They didn’t last long at all, it then prompted Tim to buy one from a shop a few days later, then he said that the recipe you gave me was much better! Xx

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