Bye May – Hi there June!

I just realized that I didn’t actually write many posts in May, the month just went by too quickly. The highlight was that we spent a couple of days in Bavaria in my family’s cottage. It was really great and if you want to read more about it and look at the pictures just click here.
The Food Exchange in May was about biscuits and I made digestives that you can eat with cheese or that you can coat with chocolate. Seriously, they are so tasty!
I also finally used the few days of good weather to write about our small up cycled pallet bar in the garden. It is so easy and quick to make and it makes a bit difference in our small garden.

In June I am really hoping for better weather! We wan’t to have a picnic in the park, barbecues with friends, watch the football…and just have a great month :).
What are your plans in June?

Childhood memories – my trip to Bavaria

In the Bavarian country side, outside a small village, lies a little gem that you can reach after a slightly steep 10 minute walk up the mountain. This gem is a small cottage, bought by my stepdads grandma in 1971 so that all her children and grand children would have the chance to spend time there.
Now, 45 years later, the cottage has seen quite a few people coming and going and through the help of a few hard-working people it has been revived and now looks better than I have ever seen it before.
The first time I spent my time in this cottage (Huette, how we call it in Germany) I was probably around 12 years old. The last time I came there before this year was 6 years ago. I always thought of the cottage as a very, very special place but I was absolutely stunned of how it changed when I came back there this month. I just couldn’t help but posting pictures of our trip to Ruhpolding, Bavaria here on the blog – I hope you enjoy having a look at the pictures from “Heidi-Land” 🙂


{Upcycling} – our pallet bar in the garden!

The weather has been really, really good over the last days here in England. This means we could finally spend some time in the garden. We had the first barbecue of the year and I spent the whole Sunday afternoon lying on our pallet sofa, that I already wrote about last year here on the blog.
What I haven’t shown you yet though is our pallet bar so I thought I am going to use those lovely days to show you a few pictures and that you can make a bar like this really easy and on a budget!

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The Food Exchange: English Biscuits {Digestives}

Digestive biscuits are very popular here in England – I think every English child and adult know these little treats, whilst I never saw them when I was still living in Germany.
For some reason it has never entered my head before that they can actually be baked at home, rather than buying them in the super market.
When Lucy suggested to bake them for this months Food Exchange I loved the idea as I really like to try out new things.

You can find the recipe I used below – but be aware: these biscuits are very addictive and it is hard to stop eating them because they are really delicious.

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Good bye April – Hi May

I probably say that too often but I can’t believe that it is May already!
April was not too busy but there were a few really nice events and also finally some time to take care of the garden and trying to make the house look a bit nicer.
Right at the start there was the 100th Birthday of lovely Auntie Ada who really enjoyed her party. Apart from the Birthday cake I baked little Bakewell Tarts in the monthly Food Exchange with Lucy.
I also showed you a tutorial about how you can pimp a plain white tea towel and posted an easy-peasy recipe for a colorful salad with Tuna steak.

In May we will have guests and I so hope that the weather gets better so that we can finally have our first Barbecue! Also we will spend a couple of days in Bavaria and hopefully make a day trip to Salzburg. I hope I can take many pictures and share them with you here on the blog.