DIY – Pimp my tea towel {crocheting}

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA while ago I visited two of my best friends in Germany that had just recently moved house. I wanted to bring a little something for them but couldn’t think what I could make – until coincidentally I saw a book sitting on my book shelf (it is German and contains many mini crochet ideas).
As my friends have a great new kitchen I decided to pimp a tea towel.
It took me about two evenings to finish the whole project, including crocheting the mini strawberries and sewing them onto the tea towel.

Because I think it is a nice gesture to make little gifts every now and then I would like to show you what you need to make a tea towel like this.



Pimp your tea towel

You will need:
– 1 white tea towel (I ordered mine from Amazon)
– reasonably thin wool for the miniatures (red, white and green if you wish to make
– matching yarn to attach the miniatures to the tea towel
– 1 crochet hook
– small scissors
– 1 big needle sew the miniatures
– 1 small needle to sew the miniatures to the tea towel

First of all you have to crochet the miniatures. There are plenty of tutorials on Pinterest or (if you speak German) I can highly recommend this book. I made 10 miniatures for my tea towel (5 on the front, 5 on the back) – this obviously depends on the size of your tea towel and of your miniatures. You just have to figure out what you like best. It is important to make miniatures for the front and for the back of the tea towel as you can otherwise see the yarn on one side after you attached the strawberries.
Often your miniatures consist of various pieces (like with the strawberries). You can use the big needle to bring the different pieces together.

After you’re finished with crocheting you have to measure where on the tea towel you want to attach the miniatures. By using the small needle and the yarn you sew the miniatures to the tea towel – always one to the front and one to the back of the tea towel so that you can sew two at once. You have to be a bit careful, the stitches with the thin yarn have to be quite small so that you can’t see the yarn on the miniatures nor on the tea towels.

Last but not least I made a chain of slip stitches and attached them to one corner of the tea towel as a hanger.
Now you only need to iron your tea towel and wrap it up nicely (or you just keep it for yourself :)).


Last year I got a really nice tea towel that since then always hangs across the baking oven handle. This tea towel, however, is not there to be used – it is decoration as its colors match the color of my kitchen (yes, I am weird :)). I just like it there and although people laugh at me when I tell them I am quite strict with this rule ;). Although I have to say that it survived quite a few parties where people obviously didn’t know about the story behind “my” tea towel and of course used it.
Do you have things that are just random things for daily use but that are special to you?


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  1. Great idea- too cute!

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    1. madebygreta says:

      Thank you so much for your comment, Smitha 🙂

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