Good bye March – Hi April, Hi sunshine!

I can’t believe that we have reached the end of March already and that we’re about to start the fourth month of the year! I’ve had a March full of baking and celebrating. There was Easter and Birthdays and many other things going on.

In preparation for Easter I made hot cross buns for the monthly Food Exchange with Lucy. Around Easter you see them everywhere in England and I think it is a great tradition to make them every year around the same time. I also finally found the time to share my family’s recipe for German Schneckennudeln and I “tattooed” my Easter eggs with beautiful feather prints.
As Easter got closer I of course had to make carrot cakes – this time in the form of cupcakes decorated for Easter. And after a lovely Easter weekend in Germany I found the time to write about a birthday table and one of my favorite recipes.

In April there will be a new Food Exchange topic with another typical English bake – I am so excited. I would also like to show how to pimp simple tea towels with a little DIY. And there will be a 100th Birthday of a beautiful old Lady. I am going to show you which Birthday cake I will bake. The Birthday is this weekend and I think it is going to be an amazing an very special day!

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