Tuna steak with a colorful salad and lime dressing

I am not very inventive when it comes to evening meals that I have to prepare after work. Also sometimes I am not hungry in the evening, so often I just don’t eat at night.
If I’m hungry though I found a dish with tuna (or salmon) that is really quickly prepared, healthy and tastes very good. Other than that you don’t need many ingredients and you can easily improvise if you don’t have all the ingredients in the house, which is always a bonus.

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Happy 100th Birthday!

A 100th birthday is definitely not something you experience often! It is a very special occasion and I felt honoured to be a guest at this truly special birthday party (apart from that it felt great to be the third-youngest person amongst around 60 guests, I have to admit ;)).

Anyway, like it should be for such a special birthday, Auntie Ada enjoyed a very exciting day. It started off with a mass that was held especially for her. After that Ada enjoyed a well-deserved Sherry and had a little break before being interviewed by the Knutsford Guardian (you can find the article here).
With a lovely dress and beautiful jewelry she was well prepared to stick on her birthday-badge before welcoming around 60 guests at her party.

Although this is maybe not one of my typical posts of baking-, cooking-, or DIY-ideas the occasion felt so special that I really wanted to share some pictures here on the blog. I hope you enjoy them!


DIY – Pimp my tea towel {crocheting}

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA while ago I visited two of my best friends in Germany that had just recently moved house. I wanted to bring a little something for them but couldn’t think what I could make – until coincidentally I saw a book sitting on my book shelf (it is German and contains many mini crochet ideas).
As my friends have a great new kitchen I decided to pimp a tea towel.
It took me about two evenings to finish the whole project, including crocheting the mini strawberries and sewing them onto the tea towel.

Because I think it is a nice gesture to make little gifts every now and then I would like to show you what you need to make a tea towel like this.


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The Food Exchange: small English cakes

Every month Lucy, from http://www.lucyabakes.wordpress.com, and I started to think about our next Food Exchange topic a couple of weeks ago. For those that don’t know about our little project: Lucy (English, but living in Germany) provides me with a typical English recipe and I (German, but living in England) provide her with a – guess what – German recipe :).

I realised that we have already swapped quite a few recipes (you can find them all here) but we both love the challenge to find a new interesting topic and soon we decided to go for SMALL CAKES this month.

Lucy’s recipe for me was Bakewell Tarts after a recipe of Paul Hollywood. Instead of making one big portion I made many small cakes. The recipe is that good, that I would like to share it with you!


Good bye March – Hi April, Hi sunshine!

I can’t believe that we have reached the end of March already and that we’re about to start the fourth month of the year! I’ve had a March full of baking and celebrating. There was Easter and Birthdays and many other things going on.

In preparation for Easter I made hot cross buns for the monthly Food Exchange with Lucy. Around Easter you see them everywhere in England and I think it is a great tradition to make them every year around the same time. I also finally found the time to share my family’s recipe for German Schneckennudeln and I “tattooed” my Easter eggs with beautiful feather prints.
As Easter got closer I of course had to make carrot cakes – this time in the form of cupcakes decorated for Easter. And after a lovely Easter weekend in Germany I found the time to write about a birthday table and one of my favorite recipes.

In April there will be a new Food Exchange topic with another typical English bake – I am so excited. I would also like to show how to pimp simple tea towels with a little DIY. And there will be a 100th Birthday of a beautiful old Lady. I am going to show you which Birthday cake I will bake. The Birthday is this weekend and I think it is going to be an amazing an very special day!