Easter DIY: The coolest eggs in town!

I think it was last year when friends told me they had bought some removable tattoos. Yes, exactly the ones many of us found so cool when they were kids -but with one difference: whilst the ones we attached to our skin years ago looked funny but rather childish, the ones my friends had bought looked really, really cool. Quite simplistic with great graphic designs – exactly how I like it.
Now I would probably not use the tattoos for myself but it got me thinking what else you could use those amazing designs for. And yes, why not decorating easter eggs with them?!
I gave it a go and was surprised that it actually worked and the tattoos really stuck to the eggs.
So if you’re maybe not the most passionate and talented easter-egg-painter but if you would still like pretty easter eggs have a look at the pictures below :).



You just need to blow some eggs. I used white goose eggs as I just cannot find white hen’s eggs here in England – how weird is that! They just don’t seem to exist. Nevertheless you can still use brown eggs as long as the colours of the tattoos are not too brownish. I tried it out and it looks really nice!

Apart from eggs you need of course tattoos. I got my feather tattoos from here – they also have other lovely designs.

And you need white string and a few toothpicks or matches as well as a wet cloth.



After blowing the eggs you break the toothpicks in little pieces that are around 0.5cm long. Tie a bit of string around the middle of the little piece and then carefully put the piece of toothpick with the string attached inside the top hole of the egg. Once it is inside the egg it should kind of be across the hole and as the piece of toothpick is wider than the hole the toothpick should stay inside the egg so that you can use the string attached to it to hang it somewhere.

Now you stick your tattoos to your easter egg according to the instructions on the packet by using the wet cloth.

And that is it! Now you can hang them somewhere and decorate your home with it – or give them away as a really cool easter gift.
It is so easy, affordable and fun to make these and it is definitely worth a try. Especially if you don’t have too much time on your hands and if you are surprised like myself that Easter is already so close.

If you give it a try I would love to see some pictures of your tattooed easter eggs!

P.s.: Dearest Ela & Seb – I don’t know if you read this – but if you do: Thank you for the inspiration! 🙂


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  1. C.A. says:

    What a neat idea.

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    1. madebygreta says:

      Thank you so much 🙂


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