A great Birthday Cake {Bundt cake}

Like I already said last year around this time: I really enjoy thinking about an upcoming Birthday where I can wrap the presents, bake a cake and decorate a table. In my family the Birthday breakfast is quite an important tradition – even if it means getting up early in the morning before school. There is something magical about welcoming the drowsy birthday child when it is still dark outside the table is decorated and candles are lit.

Well, the pictures in this post don’t really show a Birthday for a child and it wasn’t dark anymore when we had breakfast (in fact it was actually rather late) – but it was still a really nice breakfast for the Birthday boy, I think.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Continue reading

Happy Easter! {cute Easter muffins for the breakfast table}

Carrot cake is something that I really only make during the Easter-time. It is the only time of the year where I really fancy it.
Last year I found a really tasty recipe and kept the decoration of the muffins really simple and elegant.
The recipe I used is perfect for my liking as the cakes themselves are not very sweet, but the icing then gives them the right amount of sweetness without being overpowering.
So after trying out many recipes this is the recipe I preferred the most. And therefore I decided to use it again this year but do the decoration of the muffins differently, a bit more colourful. That way they are definitely an eye-catcher on the breakfast-table on Easter Sunday. You can find the recipe and a small how-to below.


Easter DIY: The coolest eggs in town!

I think it was last year when friends told me they had bought some removable tattoos. Yes, exactly the ones many of us found so cool when they were kids -but with one difference: whilst the ones we attached to our skin years ago looked funny but rather childish, the ones my friends had bought looked really, really cool. Quite simplistic with great graphic designs – exactly how I like it.
Now I would probably not use the tattoos for myself but it got me thinking what else you could use those amazing designs for. And yes, why not decorating easter eggs with them?!
I gave it a go and was surprised that it actually worked and the tattoos really stuck to the eggs.
So if you’re maybe not the most passionate and talented easter-egg-painter but if you would still like pretty easter eggs have a look at the pictures below :).


German Schneckennudeln – a childhood recipe

For birthdays, special holidays or sometimes just as a afternoon snack – I think these pastries were some of the most frequently baked things in our house when I was a child.
Everyone liked them, especially the younger children. They are small and fairly easy to eat without making a huge mess – and they have quite a fun shape. The perfect recipe for kids birthdays etc.!
I have never made them myself before though so I thought it is about time to bake some.
In a case like this I always call my mum or my step dad and ask for the recipe. They send it to me and many times share a few tricks with me to make it taste better. And sometimes they then shake their head when they hear how I had to improvise here and there e.g. when I forget to buy a few of the ingredients :).

Today I want to show you how to make those pretty and tasty “Schneckennudeln” – the recipe is from an old swabian baking book and has been slightly adapted over time.

The Food Exchange: Wholewheat Hot Cross Buns {Easter bakes}

The days get longer and the daffodils start growing – two definitive signs that Spring is around the corner.
I love those little signs and every time I spot a new one I get a little bit more excited for spring. At the moment it is still quite cold but this weekend I decided to get all the easter decorations out and start celebrating spring.

A big part of spring is Easter and as well prepared as we are 😉 Lucy from the blog lucyabakes and I decided to make Easter this months Food Exchange topic. Like every month, Lucy suggests a typical English bake to me and I suggest a typical German recipe to her. Lucy’s challenge for me was Hot Cross Buns – a true English classic that I have never seen before in Germany.
It is the second time I made them and this year I went for a wholewheat version of the buns.
I have to say I am normally not the biggest fan of these buns but I liked this version very much! I especially love that they are a bit more substantial thanks to the wholemeal.
If you would like to make them as well – I wrote down the recipe for you below :).