Bye February – Hi March {Hi Spring}

February for me is often a month that is not too much planned out. It kind of seems like I am just waiting for spring and until then I just want the time to go by as quickly as possible.
Well, it was a little different this month as there was quite a bit going on: I travelled to Wales and got to know a new country right on my doorstep. It was so beautiful!
I baked two quite traditionally british things – one sweet and one savoury: Scones with caramelized onions and pretty fairy cakes.
And last but not least I finally crocheted again. The two Teddies I made will join two babies of family and colleagues that were born in February :).

March equals the start of spring for me. It will be Easter-time and I can’t wait to get my decorations out this weekend.
So far in my blogging career I kind of always missed preparing posts for the different seasons as my bakes and little projects were always a bit short notice and after I finished them it was too late to post them. I want to get better at this though and therefore in March I want to show you a easy-peasy Easter DIY and a few Easter bakes.
Bring on spring 2016 :).


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