Two crocheted Teddy Bears

February is a special month. Two people close to me have recently had babies – a girl and a boy. For me it was a chance to do some crocheting. I made two little bears that I want to show you today.
I hope they make good friends for the two little ones and that they have a lot of fun with them!


It is interesting to crochet these little bears because you make all the different parts of the body and at first it just doesn’t look like it will turn out nice.
It is like a process and slowly but surely when you sew everything together the bears look more like bears.


I think the face is the most difficult part and it often takes me more than one attempt to give them a friendly look.
At times I just think they will never turn out nicely but I kind of get to love them the longer I work at them.

Crocheting is actually quite easy once you find out how it works. There are loads of books with nice and easy instructions. The ones that I use are mainly German – this one is a great example and really recommendable. Also on Pinterest you will find a lot of inspiration.

The whole crocheting thing always seemed quite daunting to me but as soon as you know the basics it is just so much fun! The first thing I ever crocheted outside of school is this quilt and since then I’ve been hooked.

If you’ve not tried it yet: give it a chance and start with a small project. It can be very addictive. 🙂


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