My first time in Wales – I am in love!

Apart from baking and cooking, travelling and getting to know new places is another thing I really love. After travelling around Asia and South America, I am now beginning to enjoy to discover new places closer to home. Today I want to write about a short weekend trip to Wales and our stay in such a nice hotel with amazing food.

Last year in August we quite spontaneously booked a room at Ye old Bull’s Head Inn in Anglesey for this January. Once the date got closer we got more and more excited and finally one Saturday morning we got in the car and drove the two hours to Wales. The end of our journey was Beaumaris in Anglesey and after we crossed the border to Wales it really felt like we were in another world – the landscape changed and around us was beautiful green scenery, snowy mountains, fortresses and of course the seaside.

Our hotel ‘Ye olde Bull’s Head Inn‘ came highly recommended to us. We had a cozy room and immediately fell in love with the place!

We spent the afternoon exploring Beaumaris, strolling through little shops and walking next to the water. As you can see the weather was far from being sunny but it didn’t rain and the air was just so lovely. I was stunned by the sea with the snowy mountains in the background – I cannot remember having seen both together before.
After a while we went for a cup of tea, hot chocolate and cake and enjoyed a lovely little break in the cozy little coffeehouse.

Later we spent a bit of time in our lovely room at the Bull’s Head Inn. I had an Espresso and read a bit before getting ready and going down to the Pub for a Glass of Kir Royale.

The atmosphere in the Pub is really nice – there are hotel guests as well as locals and there even is a coal fire!!! Then we enjoyed our Aperitif before going to the Restaurant and enjoying the most amazing meal. The food in the Restaurant was outstanding and the service was amazing. We loved every minute and didn’t want the night to end. After the meal we went back to the Pub as we just couldn’t get enough of the lovely atmosphere!

After an amazing breakfast we stopped in Conway, the famous walled town in North Wales. Ignoring the stormy weather we walked through the town and ended our lovely weekend trip with Welsh Rarebit in a charming little cafe.

I really enjoyed this trip and can’t wait to go there again. I hope you enjoyed my report. Have you ever been to Wales? What are your favourite places?

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