The Food Exchange – Simple bakes {Fairy Cakes}

{Warning: This post may make you wish that spring is here already :)}

Every month Lucya from and I think about a topic for our project – the Food Exchange. We then suggest a recipe to each other, bake cakes according to the recipe and post it on our blogs.
We both love baking and whilst Lucy is English but lives in Germany, I am German but live in England. Therefore she suggests an English recipe to me and I suggest a German recipe to her…you get the theme. This month we decided to go for Simple bakes – something that is easy and quick to bake, where you don’t have to follow too many steps and don’t need too many ingredients. However, we went for simple but very, very tasty bakes.
Lucy gave me a recipe for Fairy Cakes. I have seriously never thought about making the little cupcakes have a butterfly-topping that is so simple but yet so effective. To all the Germans out here, that might have never heard of this before: Have a look – this is genius!

I baked the little cakes one night after work, decorated them and then stored them in a tin for two days until I had the chance to take pictures of the one’s that hadn’t somehow disappeared in the mean time ;). When I took the pictures on Saturday morning it felt a bit like spring, although it was cold outside.
One more thing that comes to my mind when looking at the cakes are children’s birthday parties. The Fairy Cakes seem to be ideal for that: quickly prepared and so, so pretty. I could also imagine them being one of the first bakes kids can make on their own – with a little help when it comes to the decoration

Lucy recommended a Mary Berry recipe to me which you can find here. The only thing I changed is that I added lemon zest and orange zest – just because I like the lemony taste.

I bet many of you English readers would like to ask me now why I get so excited about a simple bake like this – that everyone seems to know here. For me though this idea with the little butterflies is new and I love it. So simple – why did I not think of that myself?!
Thank you, Lucy for the inspiration! …and sorry again for the delayed posting of this months Food Exchange. I will show you the reason for it next week here :).

Now I can’t wait to have a look at Lucy’s blog.
I hope you all liked this months topic – stay tuned…next months topic will be a bit more savoury. And as always: if you have any ideas what Lucy and I could write about, please let us know in the comments. 

4 Comments Add yours

  1. lucyabakes says:

    They are lovely! I am so pleased you like the recipe. We made these quite a lot as children, definitely a great thing to bake as a kid! Your recipe went down very well at this end! I am already looking forward to next month! Xx


  2. Love the idea! They look awesome!


    1. madebygreta says:

      Thank you! And they are so quick to make…definitely worth a try!


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