Bye February – Hi March {Hi Spring}

February for me is often a month that is not too much planned out. It kind of seems like I am just waiting for spring and until then I just want the time to go by as quickly as possible.
Well, it was a little different this month as there was quite a bit going on: I travelled to Wales and got to know a new country right on my doorstep. It was so beautiful!
I baked two quite traditionally british things – one sweet and one savoury: Scones with caramelized onions and pretty fairy cakes.
And last but not least I finally crocheted again. The two Teddies I made will join two babies of family and colleagues that were born in February :).

March equals the start of spring for me. It will be Easter-time and I can’t wait to get my decorations out this weekend.
So far in my blogging career I kind of always missed preparing posts for the different seasons as my bakes and little projects were always a bit short notice and after I finished them it was too late to post them. I want to get better at this though and therefore in March I want to show you a easy-peasy Easter DIY and a few Easter bakes.
Bring on spring 2016 :).


The Food Exchange {Sooo tasty and very British cheesy Scones}

A new month – a new Challenge. For February Lucy from Lucyabakes suggested to make a savoury bake. Many of you will know it already, but every month I suggest a typical German bake to Lucy, who is an English girl living in Germany. In return Lucy suggests a typical English bake to me – a German but living in England.
Lucy’s pick for me this month were Cheesy Scones. I found a perfect recipe in my new Paul Hollywood baking book and it turned out that baking them is super easy. I also made some caramelised red onions to accompany them
I baked them on Sunday morning – well, by Sunday night they were all gone.


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My first time in Wales – I am in love!

Apart from baking and cooking, travelling and getting to know new places is another thing I really love. After travelling around Asia and South America, I am now beginning to enjoy to discover new places closer to home. Today I want to write about a short weekend trip to Wales and our stay in such a nice hotel with amazing food.

Last year in August we quite spontaneously booked a room at Ye old Bull’s Head Inn in Anglesey for this January. Once the date got closer we got more and more excited and finally one Saturday morning we got in the car and drove the two hours to Wales. The end of our journey was Beaumaris in Anglesey and after we crossed the border to Wales it really felt like we were in another world – the landscape changed and around us was beautiful green scenery, snowy mountains, fortresses and of course the seaside. Continue reading

The Food Exchange – Simple bakes {Fairy Cakes}

{Warning: This post may make you wish that spring is here already :)}

Every month Lucya from and I think about a topic for our project – the Food Exchange. We then suggest a recipe to each other, bake cakes according to the recipe and post it on our blogs.
We both love baking and whilst Lucy is English but lives in Germany, I am German but live in England. Therefore she suggests an English recipe to me and I suggest a German recipe to her…you get the theme. This month we decided to go for Simple bakes – something that is easy and quick to bake, where you don’t have to follow too many steps and don’t need too many ingredients. However, we went for simple but very, very tasty bakes.
Lucy gave me a recipe for Fairy Cakes. I have seriously never thought about making the little cupcakes have a butterfly-topping that is so simple but yet so effective. To all the Germans out here, that might have never heard of this before: Have a look – this is genius!

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Good Bye January – Hi February!

January was a bit quieter than usual on the blog. Usually this month seems to be a bit more quiet than the other ones but this wasn’t the case this year. I went to spend a weekend in Berlin, we spent two days in Wales – it was a month full of great things to do…January blues didn’t even come close to my mind.
I still managed to write three blogposts: One was a little review of 2015. I also wrote a post about my new favourite cook book about soups and one with a recipe for a chocolate cake with a meringue topping.
In February I want to write about the weekend trip to Wales. I want to bake more and I would like to do some things to enjoy the rest of the winter but also to welcome spring.
Welcome February!!