Welcome 2016!

2015 was a good year! Thinking back I get the impression that I can look back to this year mainly remembering positive, nice and exciting moments. It was also the year when I started my blog and discovered that I am really enjoying it. It feels like a gift that I can write and share what I love doing: Throughout the year I posted about baking and cooking, about sewing and other little DIY-ideas, I did a few trips abroad and showed you pictures from my holidays. Together with Lucy from lucyabakes.wordpress.com I started exchanging English and German recipes and it was always a pleasure taking part in Clara’s (www.tastesheriff.com) “ich backs mir” challenge where she asks for a certain bake every month.

With all those topics, ideas and little challenges I kind of grew into the world of blogging and I managed to blog every week.
In January 2015 when I started to write this blog I was a bit anxious whether anyone would even want to read it but after a while I got feedback from lovely people that enjoy reading my blog and that is just so great to hear.

For 2016 I definitely want to go on blogging. I have many ideas about what I want to post this year. I also recently bought a new camera and literally cannot wait to start taking pictures. I don’t have any specific resolutions for 2016 but I will try to live my life the way I do it at the moment. I want to enjoy the little things, relax a bit more and just live life. I just hope 2016 will bring many great new experiences, nice moments and amazing times with friends and family.

Thank you for the lovely comments and for reading my blog! Many of you guys have amazing blogs and I love reading them.
Before I start with new ideas and blogpost next week I want to use this post to have a look at my posts from 2015 ☺madebygreta_1review2015madebygreta_2review2015

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