Wrapping Christmas gifts – My way to do it

I love wrapping gifts for Christmas and every year I think about a different way how to do it.
What I find always a bit crazy though is how much nice wrapping paper costs. Don’t get me wrong – I love buying nice looking (and therefore a bit more expensive) wrapping paper for a birthday gift or something like that – but for Christmas there always is quite a bit of paper that has to be used to wrap all those presents for family and friends.
This is why I prefer to think of different ways to wrap presents so that they still look nice, although I don’t use really special wrapping paper. For this I find it great to use normal, plain, brown paper.
Last year I bought red ribbons and nice tags to decorate the gifts with and I think it is a simple and very effective way to do it. Not expensive but still nice looking underneath the Christmas tree as they match as well.
This year I used plain white string and used my die-cutter to cut out the name of all the people I send gifts to (that means I didn’t have to use gift tags this year). The colour scheme is white/brown/gold. And again: it is a simple way to wrap gifts but for me it is fun and I really enjoy doing it.
Unfortunately I only can show you instagram pictures today, but although the quality is not the best you can see how I wrap my gifts :).

How do you wrap your gifts? Is it fun for you wrapping them or not so much? I would love to hear how you deal with wrapping gifts for Christmas.



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  1. Whoa! I seriously love this! You’ve just saved me from wrapping everything in old newspapers!! This is so much more elegant!


    1. madebygreta says:

      I’m really glad you like it! Have loads of fun wrapping your gifts…I would love to see a picture when you’re done 🙂
      Love, Greta x

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