Upcycling: how I turned a old rusty hanging basket in a bowl and how I failed to make Toffee Apples

Two weeks ago Hulme Garden Centre opened their doors on a Sunday to celebrate Apple-Pumpkin Day. Loads of people came to look at the plants, make apple juice and loads of other great family fun things.
It was a great event and I got to know the beers and ciders of Moss Cider Project and Runaway Brewery. The warm mulled cider was a highlight! I bought pumpkins and a few plants – and in a pile of flower pots I found a old and rusty hanging basket that was free to take.
The cider, beer and apple juice tasted amazing and the pumpkins were used for a little carving session on Halloween at home. The hanging basket however had to wait for a couple of days more but I had to take it as I immediately saw it getting a second life as a bowl for fruit or whatever looks nice in it.




Giving a former old hanging basket a new life is the easiest thing ever:
You just have to spray the basket in your desired color and let it dry completely. Make sure that everything is covered by turning the basket and looking at it from all angles. You can also use a protection spray for food to cover the spray paint as it makes it safer to use with edible things.
I love my basket and I am very happy that the silver turned out to look more grey than silver.
upcycled_bowl_madebygreta8  upcycled_bowl_madebygreta14 upcycled_bowl_madebygreta10

Ahead of Bonfire Night I tried to make toffee apples. Well, as you can tell by the pictures they didn’t turn out nicely. The Toffee slipped from the apples and it was all a huge mess. I am still not quite sure what we did wrong so if anyone has tips for me I would be very grateful 🙂



Apart from the toffee-apple-disaster I had a lovely weekend. For the first time ever I bought some sweets for Halloween and we had a few cute ghosts and witches and some scary figures knocking at our door and collecting them. The pumpkin carving was fun as always – for me it is a must-do every autumn and I love the fun and relaxed atmosphere whilst doing it.

If you ever get the chance to try beer from the Runway Brewery or from Moss Cider – do it, it is worth it.
It is also worth visiting Hulme garden centre. They have plants and other things to buy, you can volunteer and they do great activities with kids and adults!


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  1. thesnowwoman says:

    Same thing happened to mine! They were beautiful then it all went South. I put them in the fridge but they were too hard to eat, when they came up to room temp they melted.


    1. madebygreta says:

      Yes, it really seems that the same thing went wrong with our apples. Nevermind…maybe I will try again next year.
      Just had a look at your blog – I love it! Such a nice blog! 🙂


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