Mallorca: Our holiday at Finca Can Carro

I like to plan ahead. I think I can safely say that this is one of the things that really characterises me. Luckily my favorite guy likes to plan ahead too and this is why we couldn’t wait to start looking for places to stay during our first holiday together.
We decided to fly to Mallorca and we took quite a while to find somewhere to stay that we liked, that was affordable and that we had a good feeling about.
Yes – I am picky…which is why it took quite a while to find the place we were looking for. BUT: we found it, we found the perfect place to stay for us and we made the right decision when we booked it.
This is why I am writing one whole blogpost about our place, about Finca Can Carro. Have a look, I think the pictures show how amazing this place is!


Finca Can Carro lies somewhere in the middle between Campos and Llucmajor in the south of Mallorca. We rented a Fiat 500 because we wanted to discover the Island and you also kind of need a car when you stay at the lovely Finca.


We were welcomed by Nathalie and two of the most amazing dogs ever, Tor and Golfo. Nathalie explained everything to us and showed us the Finca.
I loved the story behind the Finca. It used to be a dairy farm, built in 1921, and was converted by Nathalie and her husband into an agro-tourism hotel after they bought the grounds.
It took them quite a few years to finish this project and there were more than a few challenges that had to be overcome – but they believed in themselves and they managed to do it. I find that really inspirational.

madebygreta_cancarro2 madebygreta_cancarro1

The Finca has all-in-all one double room and three apartments, all of them furnished in a really nice way with attention to the tiniest detail. Every apartment and the room as well has its own little terrace.
There is a really nice pool, overlooking the beautiful landscape and you can even go on a bike tour with the bikes provided. madebygreta_cancarro3   madebygreta_cancarro6

madebygreta_cancarro8    madebygreta_cancarro10You can still see bits of the old dairy and it is absolutely great that they managed to keep this charm alive – have a look at the windows in the picture below, they used to be parts of where the cows used to stand back in the day.madebygreta_cancarro13

madebygreta_cancarro20madebygreta_cancarro14 madebygreta_cancarro17 madebygreta_cancarro18

The breakfast that is offered every morning is really delicious. There is loads of variety and it is just lovely and well worth the money.



Thank you to Nathalie and all the staff at Finca Can Carro. We had an amazing time and we cannot wait to come back! …and if you go, you really have to try the olive oil of Finca Can Carro. It is soooo good, especially on a slice of fresh bread with a bit of salt.

P.s.: have a look at their website as well:

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