TexMex Party – Part 1 – a perfect and fun bunting for a quick decoration {DIY}

Last weekend was our long awaited annual Oktoberfest Party. This years theme was TexMex (every year we choose a new theme so that the food, the drinks and the fancy dresses can be matched to that).
I showed you a little tutorial about how to make nice invitations back in August {here}.
Well, what can I say…I love the preparation: making decorations, cooking and baking, planning everything…it is just loads of fun for me.
For the decorations I this time made buntings with a mexican-touch and today I want to show you how you can make them. They don’t have to be used for a TexMex-Party: they would make a lovely bunting for a birthday party and can also be made in many different ways (bigger, smaller, less colours…etc.)


To make the buntings you will need:
– tissue paper
– a pair of scissors
– glue
– a string

Yep…nothing more – basically the majority of the things most people have at home anyway.






1) Depending on how big you want your bunting to be cut each tissue paper into the right size. (My sizes were A5 and A4)

2) Now use your scissors to trim the sharp edges of your sheets so that the edges get a rounder form (have a look at the pictures for a better explanation :)). You can use more than one … in one go if your scissors are fairly sharp as the paper is so thin.

3) Fold each paper in the middle and cut different patterns into it. I went for a square option with the paper on the left but you can cut in round, patterns hearts. When you open the paper again you will see the patterns. It is the same principal as if you were cutting out paper snowflakes for winter.






4) Repeat the third step over the whole paper until you have a nice pattern. If the patterns are not cut perfectly that is no problem at all as you won’t be able to see that once the bunting decorates a room.

5) Once you have the amount of papers that you want to use for your bunting you fold a tiny bit at the top of each paper and glue it around the string. And now you can attach your bunting inside or outside in your garden 🙂


As I said already, I think you can do so many things with this bunting as it is very versatile.
The light was not perfect when I took the pictures but I think you get an idea.
I really hope you enjoyed this little tutorial. Should you make some buntings I would be very happy if you sent me some pictures…I would love to see that! You can tweet me or contact me via instagram under @madebygreta – or you can just leave a comment here on the blog :).


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