Good bye September – Hi October…Hi Autumn!

I keep thinking it is the start of September, but no…it is October already! That is confusing especially as the weather is nicer here in Manchester at the moment than it was the whole summer. What is going on?!

Anyway, when I thought about my monthly review I realized that there was quite a lot of baking involved: I shared a recipe for a blackberry cake, I wrote about a chocolate-birthday cake, I baked soda bread for the first time as well as I made apple crumble. Wow! That is a lot of food.
The only non-food-related post was about our new upcycled garden sofa – well, maybe we can use it this weekend again…if the weather stays that nice.

This October I want to write about my trip to Mallorca back in September, I want to show you a little DIY for a TexMex-Party and a few impressions of the party that will happen this weekend. It will be crazy, exciting and fun. Apart from that not a lot has been planned yet, except of the monthly food exchange of course.

I hope you all have a great start of this October!


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