The Food Exchange: Apple Crumble – Welcome, Autumn!

It is already the end of the month and there is still one thing missing on the blog: the Food Exchange with my lovely fellow blogger Lucya. The Food Exchange is our challenge where she (English but living in Germany) gives me a traditional English recipe and I (German but living in England) give her a traditional German recipe to bake…and this is the 3rd month we’re doing it. It is so much fun!
We went for the topic “apples” this month and when she sent me the recipe for this month I realized I had never made apple crumble before and that, to be honest, I would probably never make it as it just never took my fancy.
But that is exactly the reason why I love doing this so much because you discover new things that you would normally have never tried.
So one night this week I made the crumble. It took literally 10 minutes to prepare everything…and then the crumble was in the oven. When we took it out after 30 minutes the whole kitchen smelled lovely!


After the cake had cooled down…it was almost a challenge to convince my two boys at home to leave something for the in laws – and that was despite of one of them detesting raisins, he just didn’t care because it tasted so good.
You can find the recipe here. The relation between apples and crumble is perfect (as you can never have enough crumble in my opinion)…and with custard it gets even better.


When I was taking the pictures for the blog I realized again that you just shouldn’t take pictures at night but sometimes it just can’t be solved any other way. Another quite obvious thing is that Apple Crumble is not the most photogenic thing to make. Thanks for warning me, Lucya :).

And now it is time to head over to and see how her cake turned out. I can’t wait to see it!



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