Upcycling – our new sofa for the garden

Nine months ago we moved in our lovely house and this spring we used a couple of weekends to make the garden look presentable. It was a bit like working in a jungle as there was so much ivy and old bushes that didn’t look really pretty to get rid of. Ivy, I learned painfully, is NOT easy to get rid of and it took a lot of effort to remove it.
After a while there was more space though and we decided to use it for a seating area.Pallett_sofa

My lovely father-in-law is my hero when it comes to organizing random things. Earlier this year he organized some tires for me and we used it to make planters out of them. So when I “ordered” pallets that was not a big deal to organize for him. My hero!Pallett_sofa3We painted the pallets and then stack two of them up together. The third one we used at the back. We didn’t even screw them together as the sofa is really robust just like this. To separate the pallets a bit from the ground we used some stones so that the pallet at the bottom doesn’t get too wet.
Ikea had lovely grey outdoor cushions this year and they almost fitted perfectly. Last but not least I have sewn a couple of more cushions for the back and that was it.Pallett_sofa5

Pallett_sofa8The cushions add the right amount of colour to the sofa and for my birthday we decorated the wall behind it with a few matching buntings.
The only thing that isn’t perfect yet is the lack of grass around the sofa (that is because of the ivy that grew there before). But we will work on that.Pallett_sofa11We’re so happy with our sofa, it is really comfortable and it was fun to build and we like the look of it. A proper little upcycling project that is definitely worth the effort!Pallett_sofa12

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