The Food Exchange: Apple Crumble – Welcome, Autumn!

It is already the end of the month and there is still one thing missing on the blog: the Food Exchange with my lovely fellow blogger Lucya. The Food Exchange is our challenge where she (English but living in Germany) gives me a traditional English recipe and I (German but living in England) give her a traditional German recipe to bake…and this is the 3rd month we’re doing it. It is so much fun!
We went for the topic “apples” this month and when she sent me the recipe for this month I realized I had never made apple crumble before and that, to be honest, I would probably never make it as it just never took my fancy.
But that is exactly the reason why I love doing this so much because you discover new things that you would normally have never tried.
So one night this week I made the crumble. It took literally 10 minutes to prepare everything…and then the crumble was in the oven. When we took it out after 30 minutes the whole kitchen smelled lovely!

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A recipe for soda bread or ‘you live and learn’

What could I bake that involves fresh herbs?? That is the question I asked myself after Clara of tastesheriff introduced the new ichbacksmir topic for September.
I am always waiting for her to publish the new topic because it inspires me to bake things I would normally not think of…anyway: this months topic are herbs.
That was perfect for me as I could use the rest of the herbs in my garden.
I decided to bake soda bread. I ate it the first time when I was in Belfast and found it interesting that you don’t use yeast when baking it.

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Rich chocolate cake – so delicious!

A 99th Birthday is definitely worth a good and rich chocolate cake, I think…even more if the birthday boy is a huge chocolate-lover.
In my Martha Stewart cookbook I found an easy recipe that looked promising so I quickly made this cake (or I should better say: cakes) one Sunday morning.
As I only used a medium baking form I could actually make two cakes and one baby-cake out of the amount of dough for this recipe.
I want to share the recipe with you today because it really convinced me and the cake tasted like a proper good, old chocolate cake.

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Upcycling – our new sofa for the garden

Nine months ago we moved in our lovely house and this spring we used a couple of weekends to make the garden look presentable. It was a bit like working in a jungle as there was so much ivy and old bushes that didn’t look really pretty to get rid of. Ivy, I learned painfully, is NOT easy to get rid of and it took a lot of effort to remove it.
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Good bye August, Hi there September!

It is September already and somehow it makes me feel like it is the end of summer as well. Therefore I am really happy that I enjoyed August to the fullest and spent some quality time with friends and family.
August started with my birthday. We had a party and my mum, my stepdad and my youngest brother came from Germany to spend the weekend with us. It was lovely.
We finished our garden and loved to spend time there when the weather was nice. I in particular remember a friday night where we spontaneously made a platter with loads of yummy food. From this platter I shared a recipe for a Mango and Mozzarella salad with you guys.
We also made some plans for October and made some invitations for a TexMex-Party and got really excited about planning the food and the fancy dress.
And last but not least it was of course time for the monthly Food Excange with Lucya from lucyabakes...I made my first Eton Mess and it was messy but soooo good.

So…that was August. In September we will go on holiday to Majorca – I could not be more excited!
On the blog I would like to show you pictures of the pallet-sofa we made for our garden. I want to share a recipe for an amazing chocolate cake and of course there will be the monthly Food Exchange…and some more things to look forward to.
September will be kind of a farewell from summer and a welcome to autumn. I am looking forward to it!madebygreta_reviewAUG_previewSEPT

#ichbacksmir – my favourite cake this month is blackberry-Streuselkuchen!

Streuselkuchen is a German cake similar to crumble and people who know me might find it strange that I call this one of my favourite cakes as I would normally always prefer cakes with a lot of cream to a ‘plain’ fruit cake. The thing is that Streuselkuchen was this months topic of Clara’s #ichbacksmir-challenge and when I read it I realized that I actually never made Streuselkuchen before. So although I was not convinced I would really like this cake I gave it a try. Luckily I found a recipe in a German magazine called deli that sounded really good…and because it also tastes really, really delicious I want to share it with you today.

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