Partyplanning – Invitations for a TexMex-Party


Last October for the first time we decided to celebrate the German Oktoberfest which doubled-up as my welcome party to England. Everyone came dressed up as something typically German and we had besides the traditional Dirndl and Lederhosen the most hilarious costumes. Three people game dressed as Kraftwerk – some of you might now their music. Boris Becker was there and to make fun of the Germans that are always reserving the sun chairs at the pool with towels someone came dressed as a towel.
We had the most funny night you can imagine and I made a lot of traditional German food.
As everyone here likes a bit of a party, and as many people love fancy dress in this family, we decided we have to do it again this year. We wanted a different theme but decided to carry on calling it “Oktoberfest” (well, at least it is in Oktober) :).


This years theme will be TexMex, and recently we sent out the invitations.
We wanted them to be easy to make, look fairly stylish and simple and we wanted to use mainly materials that I have at home in my craft room (which is packed with paper etc. and I really need tostart using it instead of keeping to buy more :))

Our main investments for the invitations were thick white paper, red stamp ink and a lovely personalized sombrero stamp from cupcaketree on etsy. It was delivered from California and only took a week, the stamp is great quality and we even got a little baby gift stamp with it.


All in all we used the following supplies for the invitations:

– thin but stable see-through paper
– white cardboard
– brown paper
– a pen
– stamp + stamp ink
– green yarn

We wanted to use white, red and green colours to make a connection to the Mexican flag.
To make the cards we cut out a square piece of the white paper and two slightly bigger square pieces out of the see through paper. (And because I am not capable of cutting a straight line I used my new favorite tool: my sizzix die-cutter).
Now you can stamp the card board (please let the ink dry over night or so and don’t be as impatient as I am. Let me tell you: it takes longer than you expect to dry…I made that experience).
Put the cardboard aside and sew the see through papers together with the sewing machine. I chose a zig-zag stitch and it worked really well. The card should be easily put in and removed from the little “bag” you made by sewing the see through paper together.
Well, and now write whatever you want on the bag of your card and out of the brown paper you can make a little envelope for each card (s. pictures).
It is so easy!


The cards are out and I’ve heard every one of the guests are planning their fancy dresses (it always gets a little competitive as the winner receives a trophy).
I will be taking care of the food again and I cannot wait to get started. Compared to last year I will have less time for preparation so everything has to be planned well. Aw, I love a good plan!
So over the coming weeks I am sure there will be other TexMex-themed posts and I will definitely make a big post about the party.
Oh, and if anyone of you guys has ideas regarding fancy dress (help!!!), TexMex-dishes and decoration: Please, please, please let me know! I would be so grateful! 🙂



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  1. lucyabakes says:

    These look brilliant Greta! X


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