A tasty starter platter and a unexpected but super tasty recipe

On a friday night the other week it turned out to be the perfect start to the weekend to sit outside, listen to vinyls, have a beer and good food. We decided to go for a tasty mixed platter that was quickly prepared but still yummy and nice to look at.mango_mozzarella_madebygretaMusic-wise I love the music of the band Mighty Oaks at the moment. The music immediately puts me in a good mood so it was the perfect choice for the start of a weekend.mango_mozzarella_madebygreta17mango_mozzarella_madebygreta3mango_mozzarella_madebygreta7For the food I used a simple wooden board and put some dried tomatoes and chutneys into small porcelain jars. We also had some bread with salmon, gerkins, tomatoes and cherries…and last but not least: Mango with buffalo Mozzarella.
I wrote about this combination a while ago on the blog and it may sound very strange, but trust me: the combination works really, really well and is super delicious (especially if you don’t forget the fresh basil – unlike me).
It is actually not really a recipe but I still would like to share it:
For 2 portions you use 1 mango and 1 big ball of buffalo mozzarella. Chop both and put on a plate or stick it on skewers and top with fresh basil – three ingredients, super easy but very, very tasty!         mango_mozzarella_madebygreta9Looking back to these pictures make me immediately want to sit in my garden again. A lot has changed there and I want to show you a few things we improved soon on the blog.

Have a great week!mango_mozzarella_madebygreta14mango_mozzarella_madebygreta19

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