The Food Exchange – Eton Mess {or: what a mess!}


This months topic for Lucy’s and my project was summer fruits. If you missed our first post about the project you can have a look here to find out more and read about last months challenge…the main idea is that every month Lucy (who is English and lives in Germany) gives me a new English recipe about a certain topic and I (A German, living in England) give her a German recipe. Each of us bake the recipe and post the result on our blogs – so easy and so much fun!
I love baking but sometimes I just need a bit of inspiration, so I am always very excited to find out about my challenge.


Well, Eton Mess…a typical English recipe, and yes according to Wikipedia the name really comes from it being traditionally served at Eton. According to Wikipedia, the name of the famous dish comes from it’s slightly messy appearance. I should have clearly read this article before I made the dish as it really makes me feel better. Why? Well, because my result looks…messy – to put it mildly…and definitely not like on the picture that came with Lucy’s recipe by Jamie Oliver {click}.
But I think we should leave my lack of presentation-skills aside and talk about the recipe: It is great, I have to say – super easy to prepare, really well explained. And the most important part: my Eton Mess tasted way better than it looked.

Thank you for recommending this recipe to me, Lucy! It won’t be the last time I use it. As always I really enjoyed our challenge and now I am very excited to have a look at your post on as soon as it ha been posted. 🙂       Foodchallenge_eton_mess4Foodchallenge_eton_mess12

Partyplanning – Invitations for a TexMex-Party


Last October for the first time we decided to celebrate the German Oktoberfest which doubled-up as my welcome party to England. Everyone came dressed up as something typically German and we had besides the traditional Dirndl and Lederhosen the most hilarious costumes. Three people game dressed as Kraftwerk – some of you might now their music. Boris Becker was there and to make fun of the Germans that are always reserving the sun chairs at the pool with towels someone came dressed as a towel.
We had the most funny night you can imagine and I made a lot of traditional German food.
As everyone here likes a bit of a party, and as many people love fancy dress in this family, we decided we have to do it again this year. We wanted a different theme but decided to carry on calling it “Oktoberfest” (well, at least it is in Oktober) :). Continue reading

A tasty starter platter and a unexpected but super tasty recipe

On a friday night the other week it turned out to be the perfect start to the weekend to sit outside, listen to vinyls, have a beer and good food. We decided to go for a tasty mixed platter that was quickly prepared but still yummy and nice to look at.mango_mozzarella_madebygretaMusic-wise I love the music of the band Mighty Oaks at the moment. The music immediately puts me in a good mood so it was the perfect choice for the start of a weekend. Continue reading

Once again I’m a year older: what a great birthday!

Last weekend was my 27th birthday and I had such a great time that I really want to share some pictures with you today.
I spent the weekend with my English- and parts of my German family. Amongst of other things we had a garden party on Sunday and it was much fun to prepare, bake and cook. I took many pictures and many of the dishes that we prepared inspired me to new blogpost that are yet to be written.

Looking at the pictures I thought they’re quite self-explanatory, so I don’t think I have to write a lot about it 🙂
I had a wonderful birthday and realized once again that I am surrounded by great people!

madebygreta_birthday Continue reading