Bye Bye July – Hi August!

Boah! It is August already? Really? I can’t believe it!
Looking back to the last month makes me smile as I shared with you lovely memories from our trip to Belfast earlier this year and I showed you my first attempts at working with concrete.
With Lucy I started a project called The Food Exchange and made jam tarts for the first time in my life (I mean, that is a must when you live in England ;)). And last but not least I showed you things that make me happy this summer and shared a recipe for a super easy dessert and a strawberry-mint jam with you.

In August there will be more baking and Lucy and I will go on with our Food Exchange challenge. There will be a party starting to be planned and it is my birthday, I am preparing for our summer holiday and I will spend a couple of days in Germany with lovely friends. I am super excited.

For now: have a good weekend! We will get the BBQ out, go to the Pub and spend some quality time with family.


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