The Top10 things I love and enjoy doing this summer

Often I have to remind myself that it is actually summer at the moment as the weather most of the time is not too summery here in Manchester. So I thought that, if the weather doesn’t give me that summery feeling, I need to find other ways to make me feel surrounded by summer everyday. And because I couldn’t live my life without a good list every now and then I decided to make and share a Top10-list of things that I love, that I enjoy or that I would like to have this summer.

Click ‘continue reading’ to find my thoughts to each picture and click on the colored links to find more infos to each item :).


1) The Weleda Almond collection is skincare for sensitive skin and feels and smells incredibly good. All the ingredients that Weleda use are natural, which makes using it even better!

2) Whenever I get the chance to sit outside in my garden I listen to the vinyl of Mighty Oaks. It is called ‘Howl’ and I love every song on it. The music of this Berlin band makes me dream and remember a concert they gave last year in Manchester…one of the best concerts I have ever been to!

3) We’re still trying to decide what radio to buy for our kitchen. My clear favorite is the Evoke D2 by ‘Pure’. Simple design, exactly the way I like it!

4) As I mentioned above I love writing lists. For more than two years I’ve been using the Ryman Soft Cover notebooks. Each notebook lasts around four months…after that it is packed with lists, memories and more lists. I was devastated when it seemed that it wasn’t being produced anymore. Luckily they are in the shops again and you can get them in lovely summer-colors at the moment. (In my opinion the price for this notebook is unbeatable. If you like a good list have a look!)

5) For two months I had been looking at the Clarks Hotel Bustle shoes. Last weekend I finally bought them. I can say: They are amazing and perfect for the english weather: still got a summery touch but not so summery that I constantly have cold feet :).

6) The Weber Barbie Kettle has lived in our garden for a few months now. Only three words: I love it!

7) My favorite drink this summer (and every summer) is Aperol Spritz: 3 parts of Prosecco, 2 parts of Aperol, 1 splash of soda and a slice of lemon. You need nothing more!

8) Kubb, also known as “Viking Chess”, is an outdoor game that is loads of fun to play in the park. It would take too long to explain how it works, but it is totally recommendable!

9) People that know me know that you can always get me with a nice packaging design. If then the content is nice as well I am in love. So it happened with Lov Tea, especially the Four Citrus Fruits.

10) And last but not least I love my Flow book for paper lovers. You can find all sorts of postcards, papers, tutorials in that book. Perfect to send a little postcard to someone – just to send your love.

So far to my Top10-list this summer. It was huge fun making my first list for this blog. I hope you like it and that you can maybe use some of it as inspiration for things that will make you happy as well 🙂

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