The chic part of concrete – my first attempts to work with it

Concrete is a fascinating material: so often associated with massive, huge and not really pretty buildings that don’t have a lot of charm and seem to disturb the view a bit. On the other hand concrete is so versatile, fairly easy to use and although it seems to be such a heavy, dark material you can do so many things with it.IMG_6474IMG_6447

I always wanted to try working with concrete so I decided to use a few yogurt pots as molds. Apart from the tealight-holders I also tried a few other things but was not patient enough, which is why the concrete broke as soon as I touched it because it was not dry enough. After the items that survived my lack of patience were dry enough I sprayed them with white spray.
As it was my first attempt I was too busy trying to make everything right and not spilling liquid concrete on the kitchen floor and the walls…which is why I didn’t take pictures for a little tutorial. Once autumn is there I really want to do that and make a little tutorial for you guys.

IMG_6455 IMG_6469

So far to my experiment with concrete. I have to say: I like it. The color is very nice and smooth and I really want to do more of those things. A concrete bowl would be great as well. Have you ever worked with concrete? Or is there something in particular that you would like to make with it?


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