Belfast in two days – a great destination for a weekend trip

Belfast for some reason never seemed to be one of my first picks when planning a weekend trip away. It turns out that I was quite wrong about that because once I had been convinced to go there and once I spent a weekend over there I fell in love with this city.
This post is about my favorite spots in Belfast and about how we spent the weekend trip over there in Ireland. At the end of it you can find a few links and information to my favorite spots and things to do.
We arrived late at night on a Friday and started our city tour on the Saturday morning.


Everyday starts with a good breakfast and therefore our first stop was at St George’s Market – a lovely market hall where you can find anything…from street food to handmade crafts; from veggies and fish.
The atmosphere is busy but very welcoming. There is so much to discover.



After breakfast we started our little city tour. You cannot miss Samson and Goliath the two huge cranes that are famous landmarks in Belfast and dominate the skyline. We also went to the Titanic docks – that is well impressive. The dimensions are huge and everything is well explained.


We only saw the Titanic museum from the outside as we didn’t want to spend too much time in a museum. But we did stand on the very causeway where the famous ship was built. I love the combination of old, traditional buildings and the modern design of the museum.



Belfast city centre has quite a few lovely small streets with great Pubs that are very inviting – especially at night. Which is why we decided to go back later for a drink.


By noon we had already walked quite a long distance, which is why we decided to have a rest and go for a cake at Established Coffee. This is a lovely designed coffeehouse with yummy cakes and hot chocolate and a great love for design and detail. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

IMG_5088 IMG_5095



Warmed up and ready to see more of Belfast we continued our tour, had a look at small book stores and other great shops.
We also found the Bittles Bar with its impressive architecture and decided this was also a pub where we had to go for a drink later that night.



Another great Pub in Belfast is ‘the Crown’. The great thing about all those pubs is that they don’t seem to be too touristy. You always find many locals in there and they are great to relax for a bit and have a Guinness after a sightseeing day in Belfast.



The main thing we had planned on our second day in Belfast was a Taxi tour in a black cab to all the murals in the city. The taxi driver and guide picked us up from the hotel and showed us a completely different part of Belfast: the murals and the wall.
It is quite scary how important this wall still is. Catholics and Protestants are kind of still living in different parts of the city. Most of the people don’t want that anymore but this part of the history is still quite present. I was really shocked about this.
I can only recommend to do such a black-cab-tour! So interesting and also very frightening…still gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.





After the tour we were dropped of at Saint George’s Market again. The atmosphere was great, there was music on and we had another so called ‘Belfast Burger’ with black pudding, egg, a beef patty brown sauce and bacon on soda bread…honestly: soooo good! (but probably not very healthy ;)).



Before we caught our flight back home we found a little pop up store called Studio Souk were different entrepreneurs have a space to sell their products. I absolutely loved this shop  that also has a little coffee shop attached. Such a great concept and chance for people with small businesses!

IMG_5215 IMG_5219


This is the end of my tour through Belfast. I hope you enjoyed it, it is a really great city and so worth going!

Below you find the links and some details to my favorite spots in Belfast:

Saint Georges Market – 12-20 East Bridge Street, Antrim, BT1 3NQ

Established Coffee – 54 Hill Street

– West Belfast Mural Tours –

– Studio Souk – 27, Castle Lane


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