Bye Bye July – Hi August!

Boah! It is August already? Really? I can’t believe it!
Looking back to the last month makes me smile as I shared with you lovely memories from our trip to Belfast earlier this year and I showed you my first attempts at working with concrete.
With Lucy I started a project called The Food Exchange and made jam tarts for the first time in my life (I mean, that is a must when you live in England ;)). And last but not least I showed you things that make me happy this summer and shared a recipe for a super easy dessert and a strawberry-mint jam with you.

In August there will be more baking and Lucy and I will go on with our Food Exchange challenge. There will be a party starting to be planned and it is my birthday, I am preparing for our summer holiday and I will spend a couple of days in Germany with lovely friends. I am super excited.

For now: have a good weekend! We will get the BBQ out, go to the Pub and spend some quality time with family.


Strawberry jam with a touch of fresh mint and a easy-peasy desert

Earlier this month I showed you pictures and a recipe of the first Jam Tarts I’ve made (*click*). In that post I mentioned that I used homemade strawberry-mint jam and got a few messages from people asking for the recipe.
…Therefore I want to share the recipe of this super-easy jam with you today. I used the leftover jam from the tarts to make a really simple dessert. The mint in the jam gives it a little extra kick.

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The Top10 things I love and enjoy doing this summer

Often I have to remind myself that it is actually summer at the moment as the weather most of the time is not too summery here in Manchester. So I thought that, if the weather doesn’t give me that summery feeling, I need to find other ways to make me feel surrounded by summer everyday. And because I couldn’t live my life without a good list every now and then I decided to make and share a Top10-list of things that I love, that I enjoy or that I would like to have this summer.

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The Food Exchange – a new project and a recipe for Jam Tarts

Recently whilst browsing through other blogs I discovered the blog of Lucya ( I fell in love with her posts and her recipes, we got in touch and once we had realized that I recently moved from Germany to the UK, whilst she moved from the UK to Germany we had the idea to start a project together.

The idea is that every month Lucy gives me a recipe for an English bake, whilst I tell her about a German recipe that I really like…we both bake each others recipes, take pictures and write about it. So this post is about our first challenge which involved fruit (in what I baked) and apple (in what Lucy baked). Welcome to “The Food Exchange”!

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Belfast in two days – a great destination for a weekend trip

Belfast for some reason never seemed to be one of my first picks when planning a weekend trip away. It turns out that I was quite wrong about that because once I had been convinced to go there and once I spent a weekend over there I fell in love with this city.
This post is about my favorite spots in Belfast and about how we spent the weekend trip over there in Ireland. At the end of it you can find a few links and information to my favorite spots and things to do.
We arrived late at night on a Friday and started our city tour on the Saturday morning.


Everyday starts with a good breakfast and therefore our first stop was at St George’s Market – a lovely market hall where you can find anything…from street food to handmade crafts; from veggies and fish.
The atmosphere is busy but very welcoming. There is so much to discover.



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