Bye, bye May – Hello June!

Is it June already? Really??
Only today it became clear to me that it is actually June! This is crazy and because I only just realized my review post is a little late. I’m sorry about that!

Nevertheless I want to look back on May. I had an amazing month, filled with meeting friends, having guests, having the first barbecue of the year and enjoying the sun (when it came out).
Looking at the pictures made me realize that there was quite a bit of food involved this month: I baked baguettes, I made a summer-soup and flammkuchen. Oh, and a little bit of upcycling was involved as well.

In June I am planning to post a few more recipes that are perfect for summer as well as a cool gift idea for guys. I want to enjoy summer as much as I can and spend time with people I love and doing the things I love to do…like writing this blog. I hope you have fun reading it! 🙂FotorCreated

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