A well-done-cake & my first attempt to work with fondant

This week I would like to show you a cake that I made for a very dear friend that just graduated as a teacher.
It was my first attempt to work with fondant and it is far from being perfect but it was fun to make!IMG_6037

I baked a very basic lemon cake and covered it with white fondant. On top I tried to create something like a blackboard and a mini ‘Schultüte’. Schultüten are a German tradition for children on their first day at school. It is basically a cone made out of cardboard that is decorated or painted with things the child likes. The best thing, however, about this tradition is that the Schultüte is filled with sweets and other little gifts. It is just too cute to see the proud new students with their huge cones, almost not being able to stand the fact that they cannot open it immediately 🙂

IMG_6024Anyway, this is the result of my first cake with fondant. I think the newly graduated teacher liked it…and I am very proud of her.

IMG_6026Gut gemacht, Anni! – Well done, Anni! …just stay the way you are – you will be a great teacher.IMG_6028

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