A summery peach-cake or ‘why does it always rain on me?’ – #ichbacksmir

Yesterday afternoon I realized that I haven’t done my blogpost this week and that it is ‘ich backs mir’-time at tastesheriff’s blog again…what a perfect reason for baking something!
This months topic is ‘Rührkuchen’ which is something like a pound cake.
As I find a classic plain ‘Rührkuchen’ is sometimes not the perfect thing for summer I decided to add peaches to it, to give it a summery taste.


But what has ‘why does it always rain on me?’ got to do with all that?
Well, when you’re very late with your weekly blogpost and you need to bake the cake the night before…you might realize that at 10pm it is slightly too dark to take okay pictures for the blog. As a consequence that means you have to get up early the next morning, go in the garden and take pictures. And guess what happens then, when you for once need to be outside for 10 minutes? Exactly, it starts raining.
So just imagine me, standing there, still sleepy…trying to take pictures really quickly to avoid the camera and the cake getting wet…this is when I couldn’t help but think ‘why does it always rain on me??’ :). Continue reading

A quick DIY for a pretty Birthday card

One thing I have realised since moving to England is that sending cards to friends and family is a really big thing compared to Germany. There is a card for literally every occasion: there are funny cards, pretty cards and some tacky cards as well.
As much as I love finding pretty cards I do love making them myself. Sometimes you don’t have enough time to spend hours making one card but you still want to make someone happy with a handmade card…and for those situations I found using masking tape is a very good thing.


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A birthday-table and a recipe for delicious mini cakes

I love preparing a birthday-table and a birthday-breakfast. I can spend weeks thinking about a colour scheme and the way I want to wrap the presents. I also love to think about what to bake, which candles to use, which flowers to choose…and so on.
Decorating is huge fun for me and it always has to stay a secret – even if that means that the birthday boy is not allowed to enter the kitchen for half a day. Well, you can’t have everything – either you have a birthday table with cake, croissants, fruit and fresh juice, or you are able to get a drink from your own kitchen the night before ;)…

This is a birthday table that I created in March. It was still fairly wintery outside, which is why I decided to go for a black-and-white theme with a few drops of colour.


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Bye, bye May – Hello June!

Is it June already? Really??
Only today it became clear to me that it is actually June! This is crazy and because I only just realized my review post is a little late. I’m sorry about that!

Nevertheless I want to look back on May. I had an amazing month, filled with meeting friends, having guests, having the first barbecue of the year and enjoying the sun (when it came out).
Looking at the pictures made me realize that there was quite a bit of food involved this month: I baked baguettes, I made a summer-soup and flammkuchen. Oh, and a little bit of upcycling was involved as well.

In June I am planning to post a few more recipes that are perfect for summer as well as a cool gift idea for guys. I want to enjoy summer as much as I can and spend time with people I love and doing the things I love to do…like writing this blog. I hope you have fun reading it! 🙂FotorCreated