Soup in Summer? – Hell, yes!

I am absolutely a soup lover, I always have been!
Therefore a thing that I love about winter is enjoying a warm soup with a slice of bread. When it comes to summer though some soups that you eat hot seem not to taste as great anymore. The typical ingredients like potatoes, parsnips and butternut squash seem to be a bit too heavy… That is why I decided it was time to think about a recipe for a “summer-soup” that is still warm and filling, but a little lighter and fruitier.


I made a tomato-soup with coconut milk and fresh herbs. To make this very easy-to-make soup you will need:
– 1 big or 2 small onions
– 1-2 garlic cloves
– 1kg of tomatoes
– 1 can of coconut milk
– fresh herbs, if you have: lemongrass

Chop onions and garlic and roast in a bit of olive oil. In the meantime chop herbs and tomatoes and add to the onions. Let the whole mix cook for about 15 minutes and then blend everything together. Now you can season and add the coconut milk and more fresh herbs to your taste…and: enjoy!
The soup also tastes great with prawns, feta or croutons.
I hope you like the soup as much as I do.

Next week it is already the end of May, but before the start of the June I want to show you how to make ‘Flammkuchen’ (sweet and savoury – a bit of both worlds) …so: stay tuned until next week. 🙂

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