Yeah! – It’s Barbecue-time!

Last weekend the time finally arrived!…I am talking about Barbecue-time. It was finally warm enough to invite a few friends around and spend some time outside.
I loved spending the afternoon in the kitchen, preparing the food. I made a strawberry tart and  baked some french bread. I made a few dips and marinated two types of meat skewers (beef and chorizo as well as lemon-chicken and olives). Finally I made pasta salad and Mango-Mozzarella-salad.


I want to share with you the recipe for the french bread I made. I love this recipe because you only need a few basic ingredients, it is quick to make and really delicious. And you can always sprinkle it with fresh herbs or fill it with olives or dried tomatoes for example.

You need:
500g flour
30g dried yeast
1 tbsp sugar
1 cup of water (slightly warm)
1 tbsp salt
175ml of milk

Mix yeast and sugar in the cup with hot water until the yeast has dissolved. Sieve the flour and add the yeast mix (in the middle of the bowl with the flour). Gently form a dough and add milk and salt bit by bit. Knead until you can see the first bubbles. Cover with a tea towel and let rest for around 50 minutes.
Divide the dough in two or three equal pieces and form french breads. Put them on a baguette tray (it is recommendable to use one, as the dough is not very solid) and leave it to rest for another couple of minutes. Then bake at 210 degrees celsius. I always put a cup of water at the bottom of the oven…et voila: here they are, your lovely baguettes 🙂


The combo of Mango-Mozzarella may sound quite weird to you – I can only recommend you try it though. It is a really delicious and summery taste – especially if you use buffallo mozzarella!



I also had the first Aperol Sprizz of this year, and that went down a real treat.

IMG_5875   IMG_5878

What a great night: food, drinks and friends – what else do you need?!

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