Up-cycling for my front garden: how I had three guys turning tyres inside out

When an idea comes to my mind I get so excited that I have to work on it straight away (people that know me find that quite annoying sometimes ;)). So when I finally thought of a way to make our front garden look a bit nicer I just couldn’t wait to look at the finished project.
Well, my idea was to turn three old tyres inside out, spray them and use them as planters. This all sounded fairly easy to me…but it turned out my thinking was kind of naive 🙂


Luckily I have an amazing father-in-law who managed to organise old taxi tyres for me.
What I expected to be done really quickly turned out to need a lot of strength and patience of three guys – they told me it is not that easy to turn those tires inside out. BUT: they did it. And one evening I came home from work and found three tires, turned inside out, at my front door. I know, this sounds a bit odd…but it made me soooo happy!


So the most difficult part of this project had already been done before I even got involved in it. All we had to do then is spray the tyres, layer them with strong bin bags and fill them with compost…and finally we could plant flowers in the pots.


This all was a couple of weeks ago – and since then I’ve had a big smile on my face when I look at my front garden. I really like how colourful the flowers in the pots look.


All I can say is thank you to the three guys who actually made this little project happen: Thank you so much!

P.s.: I know there was quite a bit of gardening content over the last weeks – I promise, next week there will be something involving gooood food again!IMG_5366

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  1. Becca says:

    Amazing idea — so creative!

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