Bye, Bye April – Hi May (and hopefully: Hi summer!)

April was a wonderful month. Surprisingly with a lot of sunshine over Easter and many great events. We celebrated Easter and baked simple but stylish Easter cookies and carrot cakes. I wrote about a traditional afternoon tea in Tatton Park’s Gardeners Cottage and finally managed to spend some time in my garden. From there I showed you my favorite piece: an old ladder. Furthermore I baked savoury and sweet waffles for two hungry brothers and showed you my favorite spot in Greater Manchester. As you may imagine I am hoping for more sunshine and warm weather in May. I want to show you how I brought colour (and old tires) in my front garden. I want to have barbecues and bake some things. And all the rest is – as always – really spontaneous. But I hope you will like it. Thanks for reading my blog. I am enjoying writing it so much. If you have any ideas or thins you would like me to write about…just let me know, please :). FotorCreated

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