Altrincham Market Hall – My favourite space in Greater Manchester

At the start of this month I planned to show you some impressions of Manchester…of the places I’ve gotten to know since moving here and that I love to spend time at. Well, instead of showing you pictures of the city centre I decided to widen the area a bit and show you pictures of the Market Hall in Altrincham, because this is my favourite space in Greater Manchester at the moment.


The big building looks great, even from the outside. But once you come in it becomes even better: in the centre of the hall you find rustic tables and chairs, surrounded by food stalls that over a variety of delicious foods from local independent businesses.


The atmosphere is really down to earth: if you find a table you sit down, share it with other people and get some food and drinks. Everyone can choose food from his favorite stall and then you order, sit down and just wait until food is served.




You find pizza, steak, macarons, a great selection of wines and beers, italian espresso and even chocolate fondue. Seriously – what more could you want?



I cannot even describe how much I love this Market Hall! People are so friendly and laid back, the design is stunning – and you can even have Macarons next to a pint of Cider if you fancy it.


On the weekends outside of the Hall there is enough space for markets where you can find antiques, handcrafted stuff, food and many things more.
When I take friends to Alty Market Hall I am always really proud to know this little gem and to live so close to it. I cannot wait to go soon again!

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