How an old ladder became my favorite thing in my garden

A few weeks ago we went to a market where various things were sold. It just so happened that one of the traders was selling vintage furniture, including an old step ladder. I would never have discovered or paid attention to it but luckily my mum and my stepdad saw the ladder and decided it was perfect for my garden as a place for herbs. I agreed and my grandad used his great bargaining skills to get me this treasure for £20.
Some people were looking a bit confused when we left the market with the ladder, but nevermind :).



Back home it didn’t take long to find the perfect spot for the ladder: right next to the kitchen door, below the kitchen window. That means I just have to open the door when I’m cooking and can choose between a variety of herbs.


Next to my herbs a little fella found his place and watches them grow. I just cannot help but smile everytime I pass him 🙂 – and next to him there are two pretty little yellow mugs with white dots which serve as plant pots. I even can see them and the flowers on a rainy day when I look out of the kitchen window.












As pots for the plants we used simple and affordable terracotta pots. Instead of going for smaller ones we chose the bigger and heavier ones as they won’t fall and break that easy (for example when a cat climbs up the ladder or when it is a bit stormy…)


I am so happy we bought this ladder. I love the used style and I like to think it helped many people painting rooms etc. – now it found its retirement place in my garden where it can enjoy the sun and help many great smelling and looking herbs to grow 🙂


I am really enjoying my garden at the moment, everything starts to get greener and greener. I cannot wait to finally be able to sit outside and not be freezing!
I am also trying to cook more with fresh herbs, so I hope I can show you a few summery recipes in the next weeks. And another thing I want to make is little name tags for the plants. I am trying to think about a nice way to make them, maybe I can use upcycled materials to make it…
You see, many things are still in progress but I am excited to get started and to show you more.
I hope you enjoyed my very first post regarding gardening :).


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Jane O'Neill says:

    So enjoy reading your blog. The step ladder is an awesome idea 😀


    1. gretamakes says:

      Thank you so much, Jane! 🙂


  2. Joy says:

    love this! makes me wish i had an old ladder…


    1. madebygreta says:

      Glad you like it! Just have a look at car boot sales or small markets every now and then and you might be lucky to get one 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Joy says:

        I’ll definitely have to do that!


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