Bye, Bye March – Hello April

March for me was the start of spring. I enjoyed a lovely day in Liverpool, baked a chocolate cheesecake that tasted like Mousse au Chocolat and crafted a few little things. One of the things I have made is a bunting that is perfect to get in the mood for spring…I really need to sew more! And last week I showed you a way to make pretty birthday cards.

I am really looking forward to April, hoping it brings better weather! I won’t be able to write a lot about my Easter bakes and decoration because I will have six visitors so I’ll be pretty busy I guess. Nevertheless I will share with you a recipe for a Easter carott cake.

During the last weeks I discovered how much I enjoy working in the garden, so you can imagine that there will be a post about a few things I did in my garden.
After showing pictures of Liverpool I think a blog post about Manchester would be nice as well…and the rest will be just spontaneous – but will probably involve baking and crafting as always :).Review March 2015

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