Altrincham Market Hall – My favourite space in Greater Manchester

At the start of this month I planned to show you some impressions of Manchester…of the places I’ve gotten to know since moving here and that I love to spend time at. Well, instead of showing you pictures of the city centre I decided to widen the area a bit and show you pictures of the Market Hall in Altrincham, because this is my favourite space in Greater Manchester at the moment.


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How an old ladder became my favorite thing in my garden

A few weeks ago we went to a market where various things were sold. It just so happened that one of the traders was selling vintage furniture, including an old step ladder. I would never have discovered or paid attention to it but luckily my mum and my stepdad saw the ladder and decided it was perfect for my garden as a place for herbs. I agreed and my grandad used his great bargaining skills to get me this treasure for £20.
Some people were looking a bit confused when we left the market with the ladder, but nevermind :).



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Waffles two ways – perfect for hungry guys!

Last weekend I made dinner for two hungry boys and so I decided to finally use my waffle iron after a looong time.
For the ingredients I just used what I found in my fridge and in my cupboard. That means the ingredients are very basic and mainly things you have at home anyway, which is important to me.

You find the recipes below, if you would like to make waffles as well 🙂 – and remember: you could always add things, like ham for the savoury waffles for example. Normally I also add a bit of sparkling water, that makes the waffles a bit more fluffy (but as I said, it was a rather spontaneous ideas and I just used what I had at home).

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Afternoon tea, my dear…


Time is flying …a week ago I was baking carrot cake, looking forward to my Easter weekend. Now Easter is over and I am looking back on a weekend that was busy, relaxed and fun the same time. On Easter sunday we all went to the tearooms in The Gardeners’ Cottage in Tatton Park, Cheshire, and enjoyed a delicious, traditional afternoon tea. Continue reading

Bye, Bye March – Hello April

March for me was the start of spring. I enjoyed a lovely day in Liverpool, baked a chocolate cheesecake that tasted like Mousse au Chocolat and crafted a few little things. One of the things I have made is a bunting that is perfect to get in the mood for spring…I really need to sew more! And last week I showed you a way to make pretty birthday cards.

I am really looking forward to April, hoping it brings better weather! I won’t be able to write a lot about my Easter bakes and decoration because I will have six visitors so I’ll be pretty busy I guess. Nevertheless I will share with you a recipe for a Easter carott cake.

During the last weeks I discovered how much I enjoy working in the garden, so you can imagine that there will be a post about a few things I did in my garden.
After showing pictures of Liverpool I think a blog post about Manchester would be nice as well…and the rest will be just spontaneous – but will probably involve baking and crafting as always :).Review March 2015