Falling in love with Liverpool…

I am always up for a day out. Exploring cities excites me and I don’t mind if I already have been to a city before because you can always discover new places, shops and coffehouses etc. That way you can get to know the city over and over again from a different side.

A couple of weeks ago we had a german visitor – my dad. As a true Beatles-fan Liverpool was a must-see and so we went and had a truly amazing day!IMG_4604We started outside the city centre at the gate of Strawberry Field – the place that inspired John Lennon to write the famous song.IMG_4614A yummy lunch at The Quarter provided us with enough energy for a long walking tour through Liverpool. The weather was really good (for England ;)) and we really enjoyed exploring the streets.IMG_4621IMG_4646The view from the cathedral is absolutely stunning and worth every penny. Climbing up the stairs is quite scary if you are afraid of heights – but very funny to watch those people who are if you’re not :).IMG_4651The ”Bombed out church” is another fascinating spot in Liverpool. It has not been renovated since World War II and its empty centre often hosts concerts and other events.IMG_4652IMG_4668Close to dawn we reached the docks and the waterfront. I love the architecture there, the combination of old and new…and I could finally go to the Tate Museum gift shop 🙂IMG_4681Before making our way to the famous Philharmonic pub for a pint and some great pub food we went to The Cavern to listen to a Beatles impersonation band. It is a crazy but great atmosphere down there.IMG_4687Revising our little tour through Liverpool in pictures makes me smile. What a great day out!

I hope you enjoy the pics 🙂

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  1. Becca Lin says:

    Wow, amazing pictures and post! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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