Falling in love with Liverpool…

I am always up for a day out. Exploring cities excites me and I don't mind if I already have been to a city before because you can always discover new places, shops and coffehouses etc. That way you can get to know the city over and over again from a different side. A couple of... Continue Reading →

This Chocolate Cheesecake is heaven!

My best friend gave me a baking book from Martha Stewart a while ago...it is called 'Martha Stewart's Cakes' and the recipes as well as the pictures look amazing! As I couldn't live without chocolate I decided to go for a chocolate cheesecake as my first recipe for this book. I want to share this recipe today... Continue Reading →

A ready-for-spring bunting

Today I would like to show you a bunting I have sewn...it is quite easy and quick to make - basically the longest step was to pick out the fabric. I really like little projects where you can see progress quite fast - perfect for an impatient girl like me! It is still  a bit... Continue Reading →

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