Bye, bye February – Hi March

February was the month of escaping from the cold and enjoying some special treats at home. I showed you my idea of a nice sunday brunch and finished my longest project ever. To get more inspiration and material for crafting I even left my cozy home and went to a craft fair in Manchester and I received a wonderful parcel with two penguins that came all the way to England from Germany and last but not least I baked some blueberry-scones.

I am really excited about March now – spring seems to get closer and closer. I want to get loads of fresh flowers and I also want to show you a pretty bunting I made.
Liverpool on a sunny day will be another thing I want to write about and show pictures of. And…how about a chocolate-cheesecake? Yes, that is another recipe I would like to share with you. This is the plan so far, who knows what else will come?!
I hope you are as excited about spring as I am and I cannot wait to blog more and to share my love of crafting and baking.byeFEBhiMARCH

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