How about a brunch on Sunday morning?


I love a brunch on a Sunday morning every now and then. Today I want to show you a few pictures that I took back in December. With a few preparations you can host a brunch and still have a lie-in on Sunday. For example I always take all the plates out the night before, I prepare all the cutlery and put everything in place. Half an hour before the arrival of the guests I take everything out of the fridge, light the candles and warm the buns and my yeast wreath (see below for the recipe) in the oven. The cake stand is improvised: I used plates of three different sizes and two mugs and used Blu-tac to hold it together. IMG_3832

The perfect sweet bread in my opinion for a brunch is a sweet yeast wreath. If you want to make one, here is the recipe for a really delicious wreath, that I always use:Ingredients: – 500g flour – 250ml milk (slightly warm) – 22g yeast – 50g sugar – 75g butter (soft) – 1tsp salt – 2 eggs (you need one of them to brush the wreath before baking) – 150g raisins – zest of half a lemon – decorating sugarFirst you sieve the flour and heat the milk slightly. Add the sugar and the yeast to the flour and mix very well until the yeast has dissolved. Add the two eggs and the lemon zest and stir thoroughly. Add everything at once to the flour, add salt and butter and knead immediately until smooth. If that is done you can add the raisins. Cover the dough with a moist tea-towel and let it raise for about 2.5 hours (or a little less – it should be twice as big in the end). Form a wreath by platting after doing the dough again. Use a bit of flour for that to make the dough a little less sticky. Now you need the left over egg: put the dough on the baking paper covered baking tray and ‘paint’ it with the whisked egg and cover it with as much decorating sugar as you want (you can also use almonds to cover the wreath with, or a mix of both). Leave for another 30 minutes and heat the oven to around 180 degrees. Finally you can bake your German yeast wreath. Watch carefully though, depending on your oven you can reduce the heat after a while. It should be done after around 45 minutes. Enjoy it with a thick layer of butter and jam or honey! This wreath is perfect for all seasons: it tastes great in winter, but it is as delicious in the warmer months – just perfect for a spontaneous brunch on a Sunday morning! IMG_3834

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