Bye, bye February – Hi March

February was the month of escaping from the cold and enjoying some special treats at home. I showed you my idea of a nice sunday brunch and finished my longest project ever. To get more inspiration and material for crafting I even left my cozy home and went to a craft fair in Manchester and I received... Continue Reading →

Big Penguin-Love!

The other day I received a small parcel from Germany. When I opened it I was stunned - two absolutely amazing felted penguins were carefully wrapped and I immediately fell in love with them. I planned to show you a few wintery pictures today that I took after Christmas in Germany, when I saw the Penguins... Continue Reading →

My longest project… far. Almost three years ago I discovered a blanket on the beautiful blog I immediately fell in love with the pattern and when I discovered that there was even a tutorial available to make this quilt I just knew I had to do it. Unfortunately though I was never great at crocheting and therefore first... Continue Reading →

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