Homemade granola bars – #ichbacksmir


‘Ich backs mir’ is a monthly blogging event organized by the German blogger Clara from tastesheriff.com. I admire Claras work and I love her blog so I really wanted to be a part of the monthly ‘ich backs mir’ event that she organises. The idea is that Clara publishes one topic every month and her and other bloggers have a certain amount of time to bake a recipe that matches the topic and link it to tastesheriff.com where all the recipes are collected. This months topic is: breakfast.

I had to think for a few days about what I could make before I remembered that I had almost all the ingredients for granola bars at home. Another bonus of making this was that I could use my new Kitchen Aid blender that I got for Christmas. And of course that I love granola bars!

Anyway, enough talking. Thank you, Clara, for this great idea! I am really happy that I can join the fun this month for the first time. Here is the recipe for my granola bars. Have fun making them!

Granola bars

1 egg white
60g honey
200g granola
100g dates
25g almonds
30g chocolate cut into small pieces (or more if you want)

First of all the almonds have to be chopped into small pieces. Once that is done the almonds can be roasted with the granola in the oven for a few minutes.


Whilst the granola and the almonds are roasting the egg white has to be whisked. Once it is slightly fluffy the honey needs to be added. Separately the dates can be processed in a blender until the little pieces stick together to kind of a small ball.

Now all the ingredients are all ready to be mixed together. I found it easy to mix everything in a bowl with my hands.


As the last step the mixture has to be spread evenly on a baking tray that is lined with baking paper. Bake for around 20mins at approx. 150 degrees.

When that is done the granola should cool down for only a few minutes, so that you can cut it carefully into bars whilst it is still warm. IMG_4351

And the the most important part is yet to come: enjoy your healthy but delicious treat…maybe with a cup of tea and a fruit salad for breakfast?!

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