The Makers Market at West Didsbury

Last Sunday I went to the Makers Market in West Didsbury for the first time. This market is on every last sunday of the month but it also takes place at other towns in Cheshire – such as Cheadle and Knutsford.
The people from the Makers Market organise these events and bring together great food, drink, art and craft producers from around Cheshire and North Wales. It is amazing to stroll through the market and soak up the atmosphere as well as the smells from the food, trying the different products and deciding what to buy.
I really enjoyed visiting the market – it made my Sunday afternoon so I’d like to share a few pictures with you.

Thank you to the makers of Makers Market, you are doing a great job!

IMG_4404 Continue reading

Homemade granola bars – #ichbacksmir


‘Ich backs mir’ is a monthly blogging event organized by the German blogger Clara from I admire Claras work and I love her blog so I really wanted to be a part of the monthly ‘ich backs mir’ event that she organises. The idea is that Clara publishes one topic every month and her and other bloggers have a certain amount of time to bake a recipe that matches the topic and link it to where all the recipes are collected. This months topic is: breakfast. Continue reading

An afternoon in Tatton Park


In autumn I visited Tatton Park in Knutsford, Cheshire for the first time. I hadn’t expected it to be such a beautiful place! You can find grazing sheep next to deer, and all by the side of the various footpaths. There is a lovely lake surrounded by fields and trees…and if you need a break you can enjoy a cup of tea in the Stableyard and nip in the Gardener’s cottage or the Houskeepers store that sells food from mostly local producers. Kids will love the little carousel in the courtyard and the afternoon tea in the Tea Room is supposed to be really, really nice. Continue reading

Lovely Lemon Cake

IMG_4109As a birthday cake to take to school for the other kids my mum often made lemon muffins. The recipe she uses is quite old and my brothers and I love those muffins. Recently I wanted to bake a lemon cake instead of lemon muffins and when I passed some beautiful macarons in a shop I decided to use them as some kind of topping (for some reason most of the macarons I’ve tried to bake so far have looked… let’s say…not like macarons. Because of this, and due to time constraints, I decided to buy them).
I made a small cake and cut it in half to fill it with lemon curd, before I coated it with a thin layer of white chocolate. For the final steps I put a ribbon around the cake and put the macarons on top. Continue reading

Hello 2015 – Hello little blog!


My own blog – a dream project for as long as I can remember. Therefore the start of  2015 is the perfect time to create my very own little blog.
My head is full of new things I want to make, of cakes and cookies I want to bake and of more meals I want to cook. I am very excited.

This January I want to start with a post about how a few Macarons, a few ingredients and not a lot of time will still make a rather pretty looking cake. For days with a bit of sunshine there will be a few pictures of beautiful Tatton Park in Knutsford near Manchester – so worth going. And towards the end of the month I will write about a few other things that involve being creative, baking and the nice parts of life.

On that note: let’s get started for 2015, let me get started with ‘made by greta’. I hope you will enjoy reading it.